Salt Traders Coastal Cooking- Round Rock, TX

Food + Restraunts

My amazing parents and I tried out a new restaurant and loved it! Check out some pictures from our restaurant excursion.










My cute mom!



Location: 2850 IH-35 N, Round Rock, TX 78681
Phone + Website: 512.351.9724   +

Next time, I’ll be sure to include some engaging information/stories about the restaurant, recipes, or locals, as well as a description and review of the food items we order. But for today, enjoy the photos.

(Photos taken during the winter of 2016).


2017 V i s i o n // I N S P I R A T I O N Board!!

A R T S Y, { A R T S Y }


Enjoy these fun & inspiring Pinterest pictures and quotes with emphasis on adventure, friends, healthy lifestyle, photography, and livin’ life! This is like a 2017 digital Vision/Inspiration Board! Now go out and live yo life!!

And live it with people, encouraging them and loving them along the way!



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Y O U T U B E  V I D E O

by: Julie Renae



Dry Seasons & Hope

Chasing Jesus

May 2016.

Honestly, right now I am in a gutter. I am lost, spiritually and I can’t find my way. But, I know that my God will pull me through this dry season and allow me to experience that drive for him again. I pray that I will be fueled with passion for him and that he will stir himself inside of me and ignite a desire to constantly seek him.

Life is a battle and sometimes you get caught in the chaos of the world and either run or simply drift away. Turn around and run to God. His arms are forever open for you. You are never too far gone. Always come back because you are always wanted, loved, adored, forgiven, desired, cared for, and so many beautiful things.

I started to drift when my life got busy and I started to stop prioritizing God, then I stopped prioritizing my time with Godly friends. Then, I began to feel that I was no longer worthy enough to be surrounded by such loving and God-seeking amazing people anymore; that I shouldn’t hang out with them. So I began to not only drift from God, but from my friends who support me and encourage me through my faith, constantly reminding me of what is important. This was the most destructive thing I could do for myself, because when I fell deeper into the thought that there is no point to believing in God, there was no one to remind me that those thoughts are the enemies and to reject that falsehood.

I slipped, I started to not feel a desire for God so then I thought there was no purpose through God, but I got back up. I prayed, and am still praying. Praying that I may experience that overwhelming amount of joy that I have felt overflowed with in the past. Praying that I may view the world in his eyes and that I may crave Him once again. I guess I need to focus on thinking about serving Him and loving for Him and living for Him and doing homework for Him and running for Him, instead of serving so I am good or loving to make others feel good or living to have a better life for myself or doing homework to learn and get good grades or to run to have fun and be fit…

Dear God, please change my heart and my perspective and my FOCUS. Help me to focus on what you want me to do. Also, please ignite the burning flame within my soul that I can’t contain and can’t control that will make me want more of you Jesus!!:) In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

So… I am clearly an unfinished work, I always will be. My faith is weak at times, and I pray that through these tough times, my faith is stronger and I won’t have as deep dry seasons. We are all in this together. Let’s chase Jesus with all our being because we were made for this fight. We are over-comers. By the strength of God, we will get through everything.

[ Fight the good fight of faith. Trust God. ]

-thought with purpose,


243 days later….

I have just stumbled upon this blog post that is in the “drafts” folder on my blog. I.e. I wrote these words sometime in May of 2016. Today is January 12, 2017. Today, I want to add on.

Now that time has passed, I have experienced more dry seasons than before. And thankfully, I was able to put to action what I learn from the difficult dry season that I wrote about in this post above. I have approached dry seasons differently. Instead of choosing to run and hide and quietly still try to seek God, I chose to run toward God. Cry out to him and dive deeper into His word and into His presence. “Often times God brings us into dry seasons to call us deeper.” It is unknown how long it may take for that passionate fire and craving for God to return, but hold on to the truth that God is faithful and is always with you.

For encouragement purposes, I am here to testify that after every period where I have felt distant from God or lacked a desire to seek him anymore, God didn’t let go of me. He continued to call my name and he eventually brought me home into His loving arms and I rejoiced in His name once again. Stay faithful because He is faithful. Never lose hope and never stop seeking God.

[You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. -Jeremiah 29:13]

-hope during dry seasons.

Tropical Holiday Vacayy



My family and I enjoyed the Holiday season by cruising through the ocean and soaking up the warm sun. 

WHAT: Fam Cruise Vacation

WHEN: December, 2016 — Christmas time

WHERE: Honduras, Belize, & Cozumel

Yay! I am so excited to share pictures from my trip and a few mems!

Beach. Sun. Sand. Wild. Free. Sea. Holiday.















1- B E L I Z E

2- Isla de Roatan, Honduras

3- Cozumel

|| cool breezes, palm trees

|| “You better BELIZE we had fun tubing & zip-lining!”



pool deck: many dance parties & relaxing under the sun. + lol @ watching/laughing at the hairy chest contest and dance contest.


SIBLINGS share a room!! –      I have a feeling that Grant’s fav part about the cruise was dressing up every night. Love my siblings so much. Also props to Grant for matching his sunglasses to his shirt, so cute!


————“It’s show time!!!!!”



What a beautiful sunset to end off an unforgettable vacation. 



A Cool Breeze of Memories…

I’d like to share some of the most memorable things on our trip. So, by far my FAVORITE thing was probably the dancing. Walking through the ship, we experienced so much live music. Going from one end to the next, I moved my hips to the Latino music and jumped around while singing to pop hits all within a matter of minutes. Aside from partying our way through the halls, we ALWAYS got down at dinner. Towards the end of every dinner, the man on the microphone announces “IT’S SHOWTIME!!!”. Then shortly after, it was a napkin swingin’, high heel kickin’, carefree singin’ kinda show! The waiting staff got on some tables and performed their fun choreography. & my fam and I joined along by singing and well simply having a PARTY!!

Oh yes, yes yes yes yes. Yes. We must talk about THE FOOD. I have few words bc/ the food was h-e-a-v-e-n, HEAVEN!!! The buffet, the burger place (oh yes mmm, best burgers and fries ever), the burrito place, ENDLESS ice cream, the dinner appetizers + main course + dessert!!! Ahh, so good. The dinner menu had such amazing and fancy options, I ordered 10,000 too many things because I wanted to try everything!! lol. Oh, also dressing up for dinner was extremely fun as well! I got to do fun makeup and I tried a pop of color with blue eyeliner one night then threw in some red lips (along with my corn rows I got done) the next night. It was so fun to end off each day with cute dresses and delicious food.

Aside from eating, other on boat events included relaxing on the deck under the sun, playing volleyball, taking pictures, reading, napping, and playing GAMESS (Wolves, Say It!, Ticket to Ride…). ahh yes, LOVE games! Oh also, the last night my cousins, siblings, and I (all vary in ages from 15-21) hunted for different activities to do and managed to get kicked out of several places. First we tried the club O2 hangout but when a lady said we needed our parents to sign us in, we bolted. Then we tried a comedian place that was 18+, so they had to kick us out since we were not all 18+. Next, we tried a very young kids dance party. Kam and I started walking right in, dancing to the music, but then the worker asked girls are you in (*insert name of hangout group thing*). obvi we weren’t, so we had to leave. Then we tried to sign up for karoke, but we ended up choosing a night where only 18+ could sing. So then we left bc/ it was time for the dance show to start! We had so much fun laughing at the fact that it was so difficult to find activities that did not have an age restriction that discluded one of us.

As for the on land excursions, the places we went to were absolutely beautiful. The water sparkled and screamed beauty as the sun danced along the waters. It was truly blissful and magical. One day we went zip-lining and tubing in Belize. And the other two days we spent beachin’. Tried a coconut, soaked up the sun, went banana boating, and encountered raccoons. I thought the raccoons were gonna try to get me so I freaked out and walked away, but Kam ended up taking an adorable video of one raccoon grabbing a chip with its cute little paws.

and those are some highlights of our Christmas Break, full of vitamin sea ;).